Ark City PD unveils new car

The Arkansas City Police Department is excited to unveil the newest car to the Patrol Division fleet. This vehicle was designed with the assistance of the 2nd grade classes at Frances Willard Elementary School. The idea of approaching a local elementary school to help with the design came out of planning sessions held by the department’s Recruitment Team. The group identified the need for the department to stand out among the many police department’s seeking police officer candidates today. The sides of this patrol car are actual handprints from the students. The handprints appear in red, white and blue as a show of unity in our community and the country. The phrase, “To Serve and Connect” appears over the front fender wells. The car will be utilized for patrol purposes but will also be used for department business that takes personnel out of town to trainings, job fairs and other events to help bring positive attention to Arkansas City with the hopes of increasing the number of applicants for police officer positions.