Creekstone Farms broke ground this week, on a major expansion of their beef processing plant in Arkansas City. When finished, the new $35 million warehouse will take up 41,334 square feet as a refrigerated distribution center, and will include an automated storage and retrieval system capable of processing 27,000 boxes in a nine-hour day, and will have more than 37,000 storage locations. So far, the number of new employment positions the new warehouse will create is unknown, but the company currently employs 841 workers. Creekstone has been trying to work out a payment in lieu of taxes deal with the city, under which Creekstone would pay the city $30,000 per year for 10 years to help to fund improvements to Wilson Park. According to the local paper though, City Manager Nick Hernandez says nothing has been finalized yet, although the commission has tentatively agreed to the tax-break deal to help to fund the park. The total amount of taxes Creekstone would save during the 10-year period will not be known until expansion plans are finalized and the final assessed value is set according to what Hernandez told the newspaper.