Two seperate police pursuits in Cowley County… one on Thursday night and early last Friday morning… led to several arrests. In both cases, the chases began when police tried to simply pull over a vehicle for a traffic violation. In the first one, Cowley County deputies say they attempted to stop a vehicle driven by 35 year old Tony Raines of Wichita for speeting on US 77. Raines took off, leading officers on a chase past William Newton Hospital at high speeds, dodging vehicles and failing to stop at traffic lights and stop signs. Officers laid down spike strips, and they say Raines veered his vehicle toward the Ark City officer who was putting out those spike strips on U.S. 77… missing the strips. He was eventually nabbed, and locked up in the Cowley County Jail on $50,000 bond… facing a long list of charges… including felonies. The other pursuit, early Friday morning, involved Winfield police, and began after an officer attempted to make a traffic stop on 46 year old Salvador Tovar of Winfield for a minor infraction. Tovar took off and was chased to a pecan grove at the Winfield Fairgrounds, where he crashed, then fled on foot. He was caught and then locked up in jail on a $3,500 bond, before he bonded out.